Traffic and Circulation

Simple improvements to the existing circulation and signage at Pinecrest Lake will reduce impacts on the natural environment and conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians as well as improving the quality of the user’s experience at Pinecrest.

Specific recommendations for improving the circulation and reducing congestion at the Boat Ramp area, the intersection of Pinecrest Lake Road and Lakeshore Drive and the intersection of Lakeshore Drive and Rustic Avenue are described below and correspond to the areas identified on the accompanying maps.


Boat Ramp Area

The layout of the Boat Ramp and staging area will be modified to include two stalls for vehicles with boats in trailers to prepare for launching. This is in addition to the current area available for stacking. In addition, one stall is provided for boats to use immediately after launching and/or loading to secure any items prior to proceeding to the Vehicle with Trailer parking area described or exiting the recreation area. This will reduce congestion in the boat launch area. An accessible space for a vehicle with trailer is also provided in this area along with an ADA accessible route to an ADA accessible floating dock.


Pinecrest Lake Road and Lakeshore Drive Realignment

What is currently an uninterrupted transition from Pinecrest Lake Road onto Lakeshore Drive will be reconfigured to a “T” intersection with a stop sign for those entering Pinecrest. This provides an opportunity to direct visitors to their destination while improving pedestrian crossing safety. Designated pedestrian crossing will be clearly delineated at these intersections.


Pinecrest Avenue and Lakeshore Avenue Intersection

This intersection will be redesigned to increase distinctive road angles, eliminate unnecessary asphalt and facilitate clear directional signing. A T-intersection at Lakeshore Avenue will reduce congestion and confusion for the confluence of parking lot traffic, boat/marina traffic and through traffic.


Lakeshore Drive and Rustic Avenue

Sufficient turnaround space at Rustic Avenue in the form of a roundabout will prevent this area from becoming blocked on busy days while providing the opportunity for larger vehicles, such as RV’s, a place to turn around. Busses will be prohibited beyond the T intersection of Pinecrest Lake Road and Lakeshore Drive. Larger vehicles (RV’s, vehicles with trailers, etc.) that have missed previous warning and turnout option will be provided a final turn around opportunity to avoid narrowing roads at this point. An additional benefit is this will also serve to slow traffic speeds (traffic calming) along Lakeshore Drive.

The small tree islands in the center of Lakeshore Drive east of Rustic Avenue will be eliminated and paved. The few remaining trees in the tree islands are in poor health and have long posed a hazard to wide vehicles and vehicles backing out of the perpendicular parking spaces. Some trees have already died and stumps remain which have provided an additional backing hazard. Removal and paving will improve visitor safety and reduce vehicle damage.


Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and the Stanislaus National Forest Summit Ranger District (USFS)

Joint Management of Pinecrest Lake

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and the Stanislaus National Forest (STF) jointly manage Pinecrest Lake reservoir.
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