Recreation Improvements

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is working with the Stanislaus National Forest (STF) on upgrading Pinecrest Lake’s facilities and infrastructure to enhance recreation, meet Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accessibility needs and improve traffic and parking conditions. Frequent users at Pinecrest Lake may have noticed the improvements started in 2011 with the replacement of the courtesy dock at the boat ramp. Beginning in 2012, construction will begin on the beaches, trails, recreational facilities, bathrooms, campgrounds, parking lots and roads.

To download a handout on the Recreation Improvements, click here.

Please note: To avoid the summertime high use season, construction is planned to start in 2012 after Labor Day weekend and end prior to Memorial Day weekends annually through 2017.

View the Improvements Timeline for a narrative describing the improvements and a detailed schedule.

Interactive Map

The interactive map below divides the Recreational Improvements into geographical areas around the lake. Hover over the red dots on the map below to see the location of each renovation project. Click the dot to view details about that project.

East Shore Day Use Area
Pinecrest National Recreation Trail
Hand Launch Area and Fishing Platform
Beaches 2 & 3, Picnic/Day Use Areas and Amphitheater
Boat Ramp on Beach 1 Area

East Shore Day Use Area

This new facility is located near the trail to Cleo's Bath at the east shore of the lake and has been serving trail hikers and water craft on the lake since 2013. The completed day use area included:

  • Constructed 2 picnic sites
  • Constructed a 2‐unit composting toilet
  • Constructed a Courtesy Dock

Pinecrest National Recreation Trail

  • Rehabilitated the 4‐mile loop foot‐trail around Pinecrest Lake over the 2013-2015 seasons which included:
    • Installing waterbars, repairing tread, clearing vegetation and installing directional signs
    • Closing and restoring user‐created trails. Installig bulletin/information signs at each end of the trail (near the Marina and the Fishing Platform)

Hand Launch Area and Fishing Platform

  • Installed new paths that meet ADA standards to access the Fishing Platform and add benches for seating in 2014
  • Installed picnic tables with handicap access, individual family and group use areas with cooking grills in 2014
  • Rehabilitate the Fishing Platform and landscape the small unpaved area in the middle of the pier
  • Resurfaced Fishing Platform parking spaces adjacent to Lakeshore Drive in 2014
  • Removed one existing restroom and installed a unisex 6‐unit restroom in 2014
  • Add loading and drop off area at Rustic Avenue
  • Designate sailboat launch area north of Fishing Platform with ADA compliant trail extended from drop off area to hand launch area on shore of lake
  • Add loading and drop off area by Fishing Platfrom

Beaches 2 & 3, Picnic/Day Use Areas and Amphitheater

  • Resurface existing parking lot and reconfigure parking along Lakeshore Drive to maximize and manage parking
  • Added a new restroom at the trailhead to the picnic areas between Beach 1 and Beach 2 in 2014.
  • Remove the existing restroom next to Amphitheater and installed unisex 6‐unit restroom and drinking fountains in 2014
  • Installed ADA compliant loading and drop off area near Amphitheater and access trail for picnic areas and beaches in 2014
  • Reconfigured picnic areas for greater accessibility for single family sites, multi-family sites and larger group sites with grills and picnic tables in 2014
  • Reconstructed Amphitheater and stage areas and used reclaimed timber from the Rim fire to make the seating surfaces in 2014.
  • Upgraded Amphitheater stage, lighting, electrical, and audio/visual systems in 2014
  • Installed new drainage system with re-contoured gullies and add to beach sand so that will be sanded above the high water line in 2014

Boat Ramp and Beach 1 Area

  • Replaced Courtesy Dock with ADA compliant dock in 2011
  • Resurface roadway and existing parking lot
  • Improve staging area to better accommodate vehicles and eliminate pedestrian conflicts
  • Replaced fish cleaning station with ADA compliant station in 2014
  • Replaced restroom with larger 8-unit unisex restroom with drinking fountains located closer to Beach 1 in 2014