Beaches 2 & 3, Picnic/Day Use Areas and Amphitheater Improvements

General Description

This area will be reconfigured to expand the existing ADA  access trail throughout the picnic and day uses areas around Beach 2 and 3. An ADA compliant loading and drop off zone will be located near the Amphitheater entrance for utilization to the Amphitheater and access trails to picnic areas and beaches.

The picnic areas will be improved and reconfigured to separate various uses and accommodate a higher demand for multi-family and large group areas. There will be areas designated for picnic only areas with tables, single family areas with BBQ grills/tables, multi-family areas with BBQ grills/tables and large group areas with BBQ grills/tables. The ADA compliant access trail will be connected to all these areas and to the Amphitheater, bathrooms and loading area.

The Amphitheater lighting, electrical and audio/visual systems will be upgraded as well as reconstruction of the stage to meet safety and ADA accessibility standards. Universal access will be provided to the stage platform and in the seating area.

A new restroom will be added to serve the picnic areas between Beach 1 and Beach 2. The existing restroom near the Amphitheater will be removed and a unisex 6-unit restroom. Modern facilities will utilize sustainable principals to minimize water use and resource consumption through energy saving designs. Drinking fountains will be added next to each restroom.

The parking along Lakeshore Drive will be restriped to maximize and better manage parking.

Improvement Details

  • Resurface existing parking lot and reconfigure parking along Lakeshore Drive to maximize and manage parking
  • Add a new restroom at the trailhead to the picnic areas between Beach 1 and Beach 2
  • Remove the existing  restroom next to Amphitheater and install unisex 6‐unit restroom and drinking fountains
  • Install ADA compliant loading and drop off area near Amphitheater and access trail for picnic areas and beaches
  • Reconfigure picnic areas for greater accessibility and separating uses for picnic only areas with picnic tables; BBQ/picnic sites for single family sites,  multi-family sites and larger group sites with grills and picnic tables
  • Reconstruct Amphitheater and stage areas to meet safety and ADA accessibility standards
  • Upgrade Amphitheater stage, lighting, electrical, and audio/visual systems
  • Connect ADA accessible trails to picnic areas, beach and amphitheater area to the main existing paved accessible trail
  • Install walkway fences to manage foot traffic
  • Install new drainage system with re-contoured gullies and add to beach sand so that will be sanded above the high water line