Area 1

The existing L-shaped lot across from the Pinecrest Lake Resort commercial area will be resurfaced, striped and signed to meet code and ADA requirements. The area where vehicles with boat trailers currently park will remain that use. The layout of this lot will allow for screening of the parking area from Lakeshore Drive and establish clear points of ingress and egress to this lot. The existing dirt lot (Area 10) currently used for disconnected boat trailers will be incorporated into the paved parking lot.

Area 2

The existing paved/gravel parking area adjacent to the boat ramp area will be redesigned to meet current design standards, improve circulation within the lot and to provide the opportunity for restoration of some vegetation. Parking stalls identified for ADA accessibility requirements will be provided in this lot to provide easy access to the day use pathways.

Passenger Loading Areas

Loading and unloading areas for passenger vehicles have been expanded and relocated along Lakeshore Drive to be consistent with access points to the lake.

A new drop off area is proposed in Parking Lot 2 adjacent to Beach 1. This new drop off location with reduce the conflict of buses and vehicles within the parking lot areas and along Lakeshore Drive.

Area 3

The existing perpendicular parking along the lake side of Lakeshore Ave (north of snack shack) will be eliminated (10 spaces). This area will be redesigned as a boat launch staging pull out to accommodate up to two vehicles with boats to prepare for launching at the boat ramp.

Area 4

Changes to the existing parking along Lakeshore Drive will be made to adjust locations of ADA accessible parking, meet County code requirements and to incorporate unloading zones to better service current and improved lake access locations.

Area 5

This lot will remain under the control of Pinecrest Lake Resort.

Area 7

Currently on-street parking is not allowed along Pinecrest Avenue per Tuolumne County ordinance. PG&E, the Forest Service and the Technical Working Group will work with Tuolumne County to allow limited parking along one side of Pinecrest Avenue between the day use area and the meadow.

Area 8

The overflow dirt lot across from the entrance to Pinecrest Campground will be formalized and developed for multi use vehicle parking, taking into consideration meadow and wetland restrictions.

Area 10

The existing dirt lot adjacent to Area 1 currently used for unattached boat trailer parking will be formalized and developed as day-use vehicle parking. An alternate location in the vicinity of the RV dump station will be developed for unattached boat trailer parking up to 14-day duration. Security bollards would be installed to allow trailers to be locked.

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and the Stanislaus National Forest Summit Ranger District (USFS)

Joint Management of Pinecrest Lake

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and the Stanislaus National Forest (STF) jointly manage Pinecrest Lake reservoir.
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